Welcome to the Travel Gypsee Blog

Hi!  I’m Sue and I love to travel.  You might say I have a gypsy soul.  I also enjoy writing and sharing my experiences.

I’ve used other travel blog sites in the past.  This time I decided to create my own blog so I can post and edit as I choose.

 I’m planning a few trips this year, and my plan is to share my adventures in words and photos.  My passions are travel and photography and I hope to blend those two passions here on the pages of the Travel Gypsee blog.

I’m spelling GYPSEE differently with the accent on the SEE.  That’s what I’ll be doing; SEEing new places while I travel.  I hope I can keep your interest and perhaps kindle a desire to travel in you as well.

My first adventure begins in just over a month.  I’ll soon be doing a preview of the places I’m going.  I always say any trip/vacation has three parts:

1) the anticipation

2) the actual trip

3) the memories

The anticipation is building for my first trip of 2017.  Please stay tuned.

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